Thrive – Inner Work for Outer Radiance

Simplified Thrive


Saturday, June 11th, 10 am to 4 pm


THRIVE is a collaborative workshop presenting a holistic approach to health and wellness. Take an inward journey to explore your best self through fitness, nutrition, body image perspectives, and meditation.  Uncover your true, confident, and empowered self.  Seek greater inner peace, emotional balance, and a sense of wholeness. Experience the mind-body connection in a real way and have the courage to reflect on yourself honestly and gently.


Presenters include:


Lena Franklin, LCSW
Lena Franklin
To journey inward is our highest calling. Wellness flourishes from the inside out. Spend an hour with Lena Franklin, LCSW, cultivating presence and exploring the foundations of your Mind, Body & Spirit. Lena will provide mindfulness teachings and a guided mindfulness meditation for intention creation. This meditation will allow your well-being to THRIVE in the present moment, as you plant seeds of intention for increased purpose, peace & presence.


Meghan Toups, LPC
Meghan Toups
Ignite your mind, body and spirit with clean, hydrating whole foods.  Spend an hour with Meghan Toups, LPC, learning ways to balance and strengthen your body with energizing foods for the active, modern woman.


Bryn Chafin, LMSW
Happenings Main
Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  In a society where we are bombarded by unrealistic expectations, it is common to have automatic, negative, and self-deprecating thoughts about yourself.  With Bryn, process the origins of personal perceptions and embrace a deeper love and acceptance for yourself.  Build a healthy relationship with your body as you reflect on body image distortions and begin to foster a more positive concept of self.


Julie White, Owner Fit: To Be
This class is an exploration.  Work inward and feel as many muscle fibers as you can. A slow progression from exercise to exercise, this class is designed to help you get deep.  Each slow burn will be accompanied with a slow stretch.  Feel alive and connected as you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Early Bird Special!
Cost after 5/28; $239
10 am – Greetings
10:30 am – Slow Burn
11:45 am – Becoming Body Positive
12:45 pm – Lunch will be provided
1:45 pm – Eat to Move
3 pm – Let Your Light Lead Meditation

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