30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge


We all struggle with food. We are bombarded with over 10,000 new food items in grocery stores every year. We eat mindlessly. We eat too much food especially during the holiday season. We eat when we’re not hungry and we don’t stop when we’re full. We start creating bad habits that we are not even aware of. And it impacts our health tremendously.

Ever feel like food has a firm hold on you?
Struggle with weight despite trying all the hot new diets and cleanses out there?
Ready for a challenge to jumpstart 2017 in a healthy direction?

Then the Fit: To Be 30-day Mindful Eating Challenge with registered dietitian nutritionist Jennifer Hnat is for you! If you’re like most people, you struggle not only with what to eat – but also when, why and how you eat.

Cultivating mindful eating skills that address the when, the why and the how is the first step to a sustainable, healthy relationship with food. Get ready for a fun 30-day journey created to build a healthier and happier relationship between you and food!

The goal of the 30-day Challenge is to help clients identify the why, how, what, when, how much. The challenge will discuss and erase mindless eating and replace it with mindful eating. The challenge will help clients create healthier sustainable habits and form a more positive relationship with food. The main goal is to identify any obstacles that clients may knowingly or unknowingly have with food and replace it with healthier habits.

Join us on Saturday, January 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th 
from 4 to 6 pm.

Jennifer will discuss mindful eating and Julie will lead a slow burn class afterwards.  Slow Burn is designed to go deep, to truly work from the inside out. Experienced with closed eyes, we will go through each muscle group slowly and with deliberation, enabling us to engage our muscles to their fullest. Meditative, challenging and FUN!
$150 for all 4 Saturdays
$125 for unlimited members