Member of the Month

Suzannah Gill

How did you find fit2b?  I live in Virginia Highlands and have passed by the studio many times. Before I joined, I had no idea how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful fitness studio just a few minutes away from my house.   When and why did you find/become a member at fit2be? I’ve always been an active person, but I had to take time off from my normal exercise routine when I was trying to get pregnant with my second child. After I recovered from morning sickness in my first trimester, I couldn’t wait to get back into a regular fitness routine. Fit2b is exactly what I was looking for-it’s provided such a supportive and positive environment to help me get back in shape.  Whats your favorite thing about fit2b?  I love the variety of classes and instructors offered, so it’s a different workout every day. All of the instructors are wonderful and motivating, and each has their own style, so every workout feels fresh and new. Plus, the instructors do an outstanding job of creating workouts that can accommodate a variety of different fitness levels, so there’s something for everyone, with a focus on different parts of the body, tempos, and styles. Beyond the workouts, the community at Fit2b is second to none-everyone is so friendly and encouraging.  What inspires and motivates you?  The instructors are all so motivating and encourage us to push ourselves based on our personal fitness levels. The classes are challenging, but the instructors also keep the atmosphere lighthearted and fun. My fellow “classmates” who are pushing themselves to the max are also such an inspiration-there is always such great energy in the room, even at 6am! Finally, I have a strong personal drive because I know that being in shape gives me lots of energy and stamina, both at work and around the house as I’m busy trying to keep up with my 2 ½ year old daughter. I have a c-section delivery in my future in a few weeks, and I know that the recovery will be a lot easier if I’m physically fit and in good shape. When you aren’t at fit2b what are you up to? I work as a health insurance consultant, helping my clients manage their employee healthcare costs. In my free time, I’m generally laughing at the hijinks of my entertaining daughter, enjoying time as a family with my husband, or preparing for the arrival of our second daughter in late February.