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Sweat. Sculpt. Shake. An exercise program that works from the inside out. Deep focus, fast results.
Fundamentals of Barre All Levels
This class is a dynamic and invigorating class incorporating elements of yoga, strength training, dance, and pilates to simultaneously sculpt and stretch the entire body. Using the ballet barre or a chair for support and balance, this low impact targeted class is designed to increase strength and stamina while improving core strength and flexibility. With modifications/ advancements for every exercise, this class is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Leave feeling stronger, longer and more centered.

Socks or bare feet are recommended for this class.
Classic Bodysculpt & Barre All Levels
This class is designed to give you a full body workout. Using a combination of strength exercises, yoga, pilates and cardio, this class will challenge you but leave you feeling great. Work at your own pace. If you are new, this is a great place to start. If you have been coming for years, this is always a great all over body work out. Exercises will combine mat, barre, weight and body weight training.

Socks, bare feet or athletic shoes and a mat are recommended.
Vinyasa Yoga All Levels
A high energy vinyasa yoga flow to get your heart rate up and make you sweat. This class moves quickly, but if you are new, work at your own pace. Modifications are given through out class.

Bare feet and a mat are recommended.
Abs Thighs & Glutes Intermediate Class
Sculpt your CORE, your SEAT, and your LEGS. Love your body, discover your body. This class will move you to your next level of lower body strength. It will help you sculpt and tone in a real and deep way. Feeling the burn means feeling your ancillary muscles work hard. These are the tiny muscles that help shape and define your larger ones. It means working as deeply as you can. That's where the real change happens.

Socks or bare feet and a mat are recommended.
Arms & Abs Intermediate Class
Arms and Abs will sculpt, tone and define your Arms, Shoulders, Back and Core. Push PAST your limits and work deep into your ancillary muscles to FEEL the BURN. Class will combine the use of light weights (3's, 5's 8's 10's) and body weight exercises to strenghten your upper body. Core work includes a combination of planks, oblique, upper ab and lower ab exercises. This class is for those who want deeper focus on upper body work.

Socks, Bare feet, or sneakers and a mat are recommended.
Cardio & Core Intermediate class
Cardio is good. Core is good. Combining the two is GREAT! Cardio & Core pairs calorie burning moves with standing and mat exercises to target and strengthen your entire core. The fast pace will keep you motivated and moving.

Athletic shoes recommended.
Circuit Intermediate - Advanced Class
In this class you will move throughout the studio in a circuit transitioning between "stations" for toning, strength, and cardio. Each station will be set up for exercises with specific reps and/or time. Exercises always change from week to week to maintain variety and keep you on your toes. It is a great way to change up your workout and challenge your body. This class is designed to keep you out of your comfort zone.

Athletic Shoes a must
HIIT Advanced Class
High Intensity Interval Training. This class is POWERFUL. TOUGH. HIIT is considered to be one of the best work outs for your body. Fast paced intervals with mini breaks in between. Exercises change every class, every week. Go for the GASP in your breath. IGNITE the neurons in your brain. Improve your athletic capacity. Leave with a HAPPY SWEAT, knowing you did your very best.

Athletic shoes a must
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