• FAQ
How do I sign up for a livestream class?
Click on Sign Up from the menu.
Follow the prompts, entering your email address and password.
Then you can take as many classes as you want.
If you are with an apartment community. Enter your code.
If you are purchasing for the first time, choose what you would like from the pricing drop down menu.
Do I need ZOOM to do a livestream class?
Yes. It is FREE for you. All you need to do is download it from the internet.
What class should I take if I haven’t been working out?
We recommend Classic Body Sculpt and Barre. This class covers all major muscle groups and is great for beginners. When you sign up, let the instructor know in the chat box and she will give you modifications as you go, if needed.
What class should I take if I work out ALOT and want to be challenged?
Try one of our HIIT classes. HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING. They are all excellent, and will get you the happy sweat you are looking for.
What class should I take if I want to focus on particular areas?
Try Arms and Abs for upper body strength or Abs Thighs and Glutes for lower body strength.
Do I need a barre?
No. All you need is a chair or a wall to lean against. The instructor will let you know which depending on the class you are taking.
Do I need equipment?
If you have weights, great. If you don’t, no problem. You may want to purchase some if you like the classes and want to continue. But you do not need anything in the beginning, just yourself and a mat.
What is On Demand?
On Demand includes pre recorded classes and lifestyle content. The classes range from 15-40 minute segments. There are also full one hour classes. The lifestyle content includes short videos on hair styling tips, make up, nutrition, skincare, food, enneagram, and more. We are adding to it weekly.
How Do I sign up for On Demand?
If you want On Demand and you are with an apartment community, click the on demand orange box on the home page and enter your code. If you are coming for the first time, click on the classes/prices page, click on schedule. Enter your information, then choose on demand from pricing in the drop down menu.
Is there someone I can talk to if I have further questions?
Yes. Call or text us at 404-229-4195. Or email us at christina@fit-tobe.com or juliewhite@fit-tobe.com

We look forward to seeing you in class!